Aurel Cami

 Dr. Aurel Cami is a member of the faculty at Harvard Medical School and the Children's Hospital Boston Informatics Program. His work focuses on developing advanced mathematical models to address important public health challenges, from pandemic tracking to drug safety and predictive medicine. He has developed novel approaches for predicting unknown adverse drug events and drug-drug interactions years in advance, developed predictive models of readmission of Heart Failure patients, and integrated population mobility into a system for detecting bioterrorist attacks. Dr. Cami received his Ph.D. from UCF and completed his postdoctoral training as an NIH Fellow in Biomedical Informatics at both the University of Pittsburgh and Harvard Medical School.

Solomon Javitt

 Solomon Javitt's work focuses on developing advanced adaptive models for clinical risk prediction. He has a strong background in computer science and is currently pursuing his clinical medical training.

Andrew Mcmurry

  Andrew Mcmurry is a leading expert in the design of cross-institutional medical information infrastructures that enable large-scale medical research while preserving privacy and distributed autonomy. His current research focuses on clinical risk prediction and comorbidity analyses across distributed medical information environments. He was the Informatics Team Lead at Harvard Medical School Center for Biomedical Informatics where he architected the Shared Health Research Informatics Network (SHRINE) and Shared Pathology Information Network (SPIN). He is a PhD Candidate at Boston University Computational Genomics Lab collaboration with Children's Hospital Informatics Program at Harvard-MIT HST.

Yuval Barak Corren

  Yuval Barak Corren's work focuses on the intersection of computer science and healthcare, including developing advanced prediction models for hospitalization of emergency-department patients. In addition to his training in clinical medicine and health management, Yuval is an avid computer programmer and has previously worked for the healthcare group of IBM Research Labs.

Ben Reis

 Dr. Ben Reis is Director of the Predictive Medicine group and a member of the Faculty of Harvard Medical School and Children's Hospital Informatics Program. His work focuses on predictive medicine, predictive pharmacology and the use of social networks to promote health. He has advised the US government on establishing national biodefense systems in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, the Hong Kong government on building health infrastructure in response to the SARS pandemic, the Greek government on establishing biodefense systems for the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics, and the Chinese Government in advance of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. He has been honored at the White House for his work on harnessing social networks to promote health, and was named one of the top health innovators in the world in 2010 by the US State Department, USAID and NASA.



Meredith Arasaratnam

Meredith Arasaratnam conducted research on drug safety while pursuing her PhD at the Harvard School of Public Health. She is currently an epidemiologist at the NCB-Prepared center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Research associate at Massachusetts General Hospital/ AlzRisk Epidemiology Database.

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